In-home Massages

Massages allow you to improve your own health, by stimulating the blood circulation, reducing stress and dissolving muscle contractions. Decontracting, Swedish, Lymphatic Drainage, Relaxing or Shiatsu: pick from five different types of in-home massages depending on your needs. Our professionals will meet you wherever you are with all the necessary equipment.

Reduces Stress

Improves the circulation and oxygenation of the blood and lowers blood pressure.

Improves Sleep

Increases relaxation levels, stimulating the endocrine system.

Dissolves Muscle Contractions

Restores muscle tone and eliminates toxins.

The Price of the In-Home Massage

Thanks to ShapeMe, you can save both time and money. The massages are conducted at your domicile, meaning that you do not waste time to meet a massage therapist. This also cuts back costs and eliminates the stress of transportation. The only thing you have to do is book your wellness appointment and wait for our professionals to arrive.

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What our customers say:

Massaggio rilassante a Bologna

Matteo P. 24/06/2019

Molto buono, conforme alle mie aspettative, lo raccomando!

Massaggio decontratturante a Torino

Eleonora R. 14/09/2019

Operatrice altamente qualificata il massaggio è stato come desiderato e nel rispetto delle mie patologie

Massaggio rilassante a Monza e Brianza

Elisa B. 01/10/2019

Personale gentile e qualificato


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Headaches are a strong sensation of pressure on the temples that limit your plans and schedule of your day, as well as the speed of actions and decision-making. The scientific term for it is cephalalgy, a word with Greek roots which means, precisely, head. There are multiple causes of headaches: the massage constitutes of a natural remedy against headaches, mostly for when the cause of the pain is due to muscle tension.

Back Pain?

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Around 80% of Italians have suffered with this at least once in their life: we’re talking about back pain, an inflammation on the lumbar zone that causes pain on the backside of the body and can negatively interfere with work, with every day activities and with moments of leisure. It is an increasing malady because it is often caused by reasons linked to a sedentary lifestyle,incorrect posture and being overweight. A back massage is an excellent traditional and natural remedy that has the main purpose of decontracting every muscles that affects the cervical, dorsal, lumbar and sacral areas.

High Blood Pressure?

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High blood pressure or hypertension, occurs when the level of blood pressure is constantly higher than 90-140. If the artery pressure is continually elevated, it increases the risk of a stroke or of a heart attack. Hypertension often goes unnoticed because there are no signs or evident symptoms, so the only way to know you have it would be to measure and monitor it. A number of studies show that having a massage is an excellent remedy because it can help lower high blood pressure levels, in particular for people who suffer from stress.


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Stress is a condition in which the body is subject to internal or external factors that alter the equilibrium and lower the ability to reflect and act. If this condition happens frequently or occurs for a long time, it can lead to negative effects such as headaches, stomachaches, lack of sleep, anxiety and depression. A massage is an excellent way to combat stress because it relaxes both muscular and mental tension. Massages can ease thoughts and emotions and resulting in less impulsiveness, more concentration and energy during the day. For those who live in constant state of stress, it is advisable to undergo an evening massage as to relax and have a better night’s sleep.


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Cellulite is a disorder that affects around 80% of women and is a nightmare to combat. It is the number one cause of “orange-peel skin” and of skin blemishes and, contrary to popular belief, it is not an accumulation of fat but rather the consequence of an inflammation that affects the blood vessels. The most efficient and used remedy to combat cellulite is massages, regardless of whether the cellulite is in its early stages or in a more advanced and acute form. The anti cellulite massage acts on a venous and lymphatic level, improving the movement of cells and facilitating the elimination of toxins for a smoother and more elastic skin.

Neck Pains?

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Neck pains and sore shoulders are a common disorder that often occur following a physical effort or excessive muscle tension. If the pain is not persistent and debilitating, the neck pain can simply be a tension caused by stress that accumulated or the result of a bad posture for an extended period of time. In this case, massages are considered a great remedy to neck and shoulder tension, but only if practiced by the expert hands of a masseuse or an osteopath.

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