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Sleep Management

Fight insomnia and improve the quality of your rest: entrust yourself to a sleep disorder specialist and learn to sleep better!

Why is sleeping well important?

Do you have difficulty falling asleep or wake up too early? It is a more common problem than is believed: as many as 7 out of 10 Italians experience sleep disturbances; 4 out of 10 have difficulty falling asleep; 3 out of 10 wake up several times at night; 2 out of 10 always wake up long before the alarm clock.

Not getting enough sleep or sleeping badly has even heavy consequences on the body: decreased concentration, fatigue, mood disorders, anxiety and irritability are just some of the conditions that can occur.

Having a proper sleep routine is one of the first steps to finding a balance and improving the quality of life.With this online course you can learn everything you need to know about sleep disorders and learn strategies to promote sleep and rest, thanks to practical exercises.


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What will you get from the course?

Improve the quality of your rest

You will correct bad habits and learn the steps for a proper sleep routine.

Learn how to relax

You will learn practical exercises to regain your balance before going to sleep.

Listen to expert advice

You can count on advice, ideas and suggestions from two professionals, experts in the field of sleep disorders
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See the course where and when you want

You can access the video course from any device, anytime, and review the videos as many times as you want

The course: knowing sleep to learn how to handle it

The course is dedicated to those who have difficulty falling asleep, to those who can not rest well, to those who feel a feeling of tiredness, irritability and difficulty concentrating related to sleep disturbances.

In other words: it is dedicated to those who want to understand how to sleep better to improve the quality of their life.

How to sign in? The power video course is available on a dedicated platform, which you can access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! The power path is completed by quiz and evaluation tests.

A reporting service is also available for companies to measure the participation of their employees.

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How is the course structured?

The course on sleep management is structured in 3 modules that scientifically analyze a specific topic.

Each topic is divided into mini-videos to make it easier to use.

The course starts from a complete overview of the main sleep disorders, and develops with theoretical notions to recognize the different pathologies, and practical exercises to rebalance one’s organism and improve the quality of rest.

The details of the course on sleep management

  • Duration: about 3 hours
  • Modules: 3
  • Price: 79.00€

Contenuti del corso

Module 1: KNOWING SLEEP – Physiology and characteristics of sleep and circadian rhythms

  1. The stages of sleep and their functionsREM sleep and its function
  2. How do wakefulness and sleep affect each other? Why do we sleep at night? Why is we sleepy after lunch? Pennichella yes or no?
  3. Why is it important to always get up at the same time
  4. ?The importance of the Chronotype: are you an owl or a laurel?
  5. How does sleep change over the course of life?
  6. How many hours per night should you sleep?

Module 2: SLEEP DISORDERS – The main sleep disorders. How to recognize them and what to do to prevent and manage them

  1. What are sleep disorders?Snoring and sleep apnea?
  2. What are circadian rhythm disorders and how do they manage?Sleep deprivation and effects on the individual
  3. Hypersomnia and NarcolepsyGrinding your teeth at night: Bruxism
  4. What is insomnia?How is insomnia born?How does acute insomnia become chronic?
  5. Why do I fall asleep easily on the couch but when I go to bed I can’t do it anymore?
  6. How to cure insomnia?
  7. Are insomnia and anxious-depressive disorders connected?
  8. What should I do if I think I have a sleep disorder?
  9. How do you measure sleep? Sleep measurement exams and instruments

Module 3: IMPROVE SLEEP – Advice on the correct habits for a good rest. Tools to prevent and manage sleep disorders and be healthy and active at work

  1. M.E.Q.-r Test: What is my chronotype?
  2. Minisleep Questionnaire: a test to detect insomnia and daytime drowsiness
  3. The 10 rules of good rest
  4. Bedroom requirements to promote rest
  5. Foods yes and foods no for good rest
  6. Tiredness vs. DrowsinessT
  7. ricks to use the alarm clock effectively
  8. How to manage nightmares?Shiftwork and sleep quality: what to do
  9. Sleeping with children
  10. How to promote sleep
  11. How to deal with difficulty falling asleep and insomnia
  12. How to handle disturbing thoughts and emotions
  13. Relaxation exercises – General indications
  14. Relaxation exercise 1 seated
  15. Relaxation exercise 2
  16. Relaxation exercise 3
  17. Relaxation exercise 4
  18. Relaxation exercise 5 with sound


Cecilia Trevisani

Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Psychotraumatologa, specialized in individual, couple and group interventions for adults and adolescents. The main areas of intervention are problems related to trauma, stressful events and emotional regulation, Anxiety and Mood Disorders and behavioral addictions.It is also Director of the Tages Onlus Clinical Center in Bologna. in addition to collaborating as a lecturer with the University of Bologna.
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Michele Boreggiani

Clinical psychologist expert in sleep disorders, who works at the Clinical Center of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Socio-Health Interventions of the Tages Onlus Association of Bologna, carrying out at the same time research activities in collaboration with the Sleep Laboratory of the Department of Psychology of the University of Bologna.

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