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Physical Well-being

4 online courses

Take care of your psychophysical well-being with a complete path that guides you towards change.

The 4 online courses


Learn to eat healthy and have the right amount of energy without sacrificing taste

Physical activity

Combat sedentary lifestyle with ad hoc exercises and find out why movement is so important for health


Learn strategies to live better in the office and reduce the damage due to poor posture

How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking

The path on physical well-being

Thanks to this package you can have 4 courses in a single solution, saving € 127 on the total cost.

Once you have purchased the mini-academy, you will have access to a dedicated platform accessible from PCs, tablets and smartphones, where you can view the contents where and when you want.

Each course deals with a different discipline of physical well-being through a theoretical introduction and a part with practical exercises to be carried out comfortably at home or, in some cases, even in the office.

Buy 4 courses in 1

The contents of the 4 video courses


  1. The fundamental principles of human nutrition
  2. Nutrition in the daily routine
  3. Nutrition and health
  4. Responsible consumption
  5. The fundamental rules for a healthy diet

Physical activity

  1. Movement, training and health
  2. Improve joint mobility and stability
  3. Exercises


  1. Principles of posturology
  2. Posture and working life in the office
  3. Exercises against a sedentary lifestyle
  4. Exercises: practical demonstrations

How to quit smoking

  1. Addiction to tobacco
  2. Recognize tobacco addiction
  3. Change the addiction to smoking
  4. Path to quit smoking

The Team

Matteo Boschini

Dietitian and researcher at the University of Bologna, graduated in Food and Human Nutrition at the University of Milan.

After a work experience at the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO), he becomes responsible of the research project on the monitoring of food waste in school catering at the Department of Agri-food Sciences and Technologies of the University of Bologna.

Since 2017 he has also collaborated with ShapeMe, as a trainer and individual consultant for individuals and companies .

Tommaso Bricoli

Certified personal trainer, specialized in musculation, posture and stretching.

Graduated in Physical Activity Sciences at the University of Parma, he is Associate Founder of MT Personal Training Studio, a company specialized in creating personalized programs of fitness, post-physiotherapy recovery and athletic preparation.

Since 2020 he collaborates with ShapeMe for the Personal Trainer Online services and for the Functional Training course on ShapeMe Wellness Club.

Mattia Onesti

Doctor in Exercise Sciences: sciences and techniques of preventive and adapted activities (UNIPV)
I level Master in “Clinical Posturology” (UNIPI)
II level Master in “Prescribing and conducting physical exercise in exercise pathologies Sensitive “(UNIVR)
Student of the Degree Course in Podiatry (UNIMI)
Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Motor Sciences (UNIPV)
Advanced technician Ray method and Mézières method

Chiara Ripa

Cognitive psychologist and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist in training. He mainly deals with psychodiagnostic assessments and anxiety disorders at the Tages center in San Lazzaro di Savena, in the province of Bologna. He also collaborates with the Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences of the University of Bologna and is at the same time tutor of the University Advanced Training Course “Evaluation and Treatment of Personality Disorders”

Ludovica Peccenini

Neuropsychologist undergoing training as a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist. He mainly deals with psychodiagnostic assessment and anxiety and nutrition disorders. It also carries out private clinical activities and collaborates with the Outpatient Clinic for the Treatment of Eating Disorders of the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna.

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