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Physical Well-Being at Work

Provide your employees with practical tools to take care of their bodies and overcome sedentary problems

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Keep fit to live at your best

The human being was born to move: we should devote at least 150 minutes per week to exercise to reduce the risk of heart or postural pathologies. Not to mention that physical activity helps reduce stress by 25%.

Thanks to ShapeMe’s physical well-being solutions, it is possible to raise awareness of the importance of sport, allow them to learn practical exercises to keep fit and correct bad habits due to sedentary lifestyle.

Physical well-being services for companies

Physical Workout

Online or live training sessions, online courses in on-demand or live mode


Individual consultations, workshops, online courses in live or on-demand mode

PostureIndividual consultations, workshops, online courses in live or on-demand mode

Online consultations with the specialist, video-course, webinars and workshops

Quit smoking

Online course with practical strategies to overcome addiction, webinars, workshops and individual consultations

Sleep Management

Individual online or in-presence counselling sessions, webinars and group lessons to improve rest-related habits

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