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Online Courses

Video-courses with theoretical notions and practical exercises to take care of the body and mind

Distance training with specialists

Correct bad habits and learn about your body and mind to take better care of them. The online courses are carried out in collaboration with nutritionists, personal trainers, psychologists, mental coaches and financial consultants.

The courses are available on a digital platform: you can follow them whenever and wherever you want from any device, all you need is an internet connection and the desire to improve your life.

The goal of each path is on the one hand to allow you to learn important theoretical notions on the topics addressed, on the other hand to help you acquire healthy habits, modifying your wrong behaviors thanks to practical exercises and evaluation tests that help you to better fix the concepts base.

The end result is, in all cases, a more balanced lifestyle!

Physical Wellness Courses

Ideal for those who spend a lot of time in the office: courses on nutrition to improve the relationship with food at home or at work, on physical activity and posturology to combat disorders related to sedentary lifestyle and on how to quit smoking, to no longer be a slave to a vice and improve your sports performance.

Courses on Mental Wellbeing

Improving awareness, concentration and stress management: all this is possible with courses created in collaboration with psychologists and psychologists, which address various issues related to mental health.

Other courses

How to save or plan your investments? Find out with the course on financial wellbeing.

Do you prefer to take care of yourself at 360 °? Discover the multi-course packages to find motivation and learn techniques and strategies to improve your relationship with you, with your body and with others.

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