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Posturology Online Courses

Goodbye back pain: correct bad postures in the office with the right exercises

Posture: survival manual in the office

At least 15 million people in Italy suffer from back pain. Most of these are young people and adults in their 20s and 50s who perform repetitive tasks, carry heavy loads, or spend their working hours in painful or tiring positions.

Sedentary lifestyle and inactivity are the main causes for which 25% of workers are affected by this disorder.

How to fight back pain and learn to live better? The secret is to understand the principles of posturology, acquire ergonomic strategies and carry out the appropriate exercises frequently.


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What are you going to learn?

massaggi professionali a domicilio e in studio

Learn the basic principles of posturology

You will know the principles of posturology, fundamental for correcting bad habits

Learn the correct office setting

You will acquire strategies for living better in the office such as the correct setting at the desk or visuo-postural ergonomics

Improve your posture

You will reduce the damage from poor posture in the workplace thanks to specific exercises to be done comfortably at your desk or at home
prenotazione massaggio decontratturante online

Watch the course wherever and whenever you want

You can have access to the video course from any device, at any time, and review the videos as many times as you want

The online course

The course is dedicated to anyone who experiences a sedentary condition, to anyone forced to long sessions for work reasons or to those who carry out repetitive tasks or which involve lifting or carrying heavy loads.

It is a real manual on correct posture in the office and beyond: in addition to the more theoretical explanations, the course is completed by exercises (complete with practical demonstrations) to dissolve muscle and joint tension caused by too many hours sitting at the desk in the same position.

How to log in?

The video course on Posturology is available on a dedicated platform, which can be accessed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. A reporting service is also available for companies to measure the participation of their employees.

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How is the course structured?

In the 4 modules that make it up, the theme of posturology is analyzed from a theoretical point of view and completed by explanations and demonstrations of practical exercises to be done at home or in the office.

Each module is divided into mini-videos that make it more practical to use, supported by downloadable slides that contain the salient points and completed by practical demonstrations of postural exercises.

The details of the nutrition course
Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Modules: 3
Price: 59.00 €

The contents:

Module 1: Principles of Posturology

  1. News: the numbers of the DSM
  2. Postural attitude and biomechanics
  3. The laws of posture
  4. Globality, complexity and analgesic compensation

Module 2: Posture and working life in the office

  1. The importance of ergonomics
  2. Setting at the desk and visuo-postural ergonomics
  3. Interaction of the visual system and posture pt.1
  4. Interaction of the visual system and posture pt.2

Module 3: Exercises against a sedentary lifestyle

  1. Mobility and stretching of the cervical spine
  2. Shoulder blades
  3. Shoulders
    Ankle and knee mobilization

Module 4: Exercises – practical demonstrations

  1. Mobility and stretching of the cervical spine
  2. Shoulder blades
  3. Shoulders
  4. Ankle and knee mobilization

The trainer
Mattia Onesti
Doctor of Sports Sciences: sciences and techniques of preventive and adapted activities (UNIPV)
I level Master in “Clinical Posturology” (UNIPI)
II level Master in “Prescribing and conducting physical exercise in sensitive exercise pathologies” (UNIVR)
Student of the Degree Course in Podiatry (UNIMI)
Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Motor Sciences (UNIPV)
Advanced technician Ray method and Mézières method

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