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Office Massage

Bring wellness to the company, in the time of a coffee break. Customized solutions for all your needs.

Office Massage: what is it?

Massage in the office is an anti-stress treatment performed on a chair that acts on the areas of the body that suffer the most such as shoulders, neck and back: the treatment acts by reducing muscle tension, melting contractures and giving a feeling of relaxation and energy.

15-minute chair massage per person

You receive from clothes, no need to undress
massaggiatori certificati

Certified professionals arrive directly in the company

Certified professionals arrive directly in the company

The problem of sitting 9 hours a day

As office workers, we sit an average of 9 hours a day. We are seated when we work, often even when we go to and from the office. This sedentary lifestyle damages both our health and the quality of what we do. The problems that a sedentary lifestyle brings are familiar to anyone who works in front of a computer:

  • Articolar pains
  • Muscle aches
  • Chronic pains
  • Migraines

The body is not the only one suffering from this condition. Bad mood, stress, and mental numbness are common consequences of sitting too much at a desk. A worker subjected to these hardships cannot perform at their best. What to do then?

The solution: A massage in the workplace

Workers who receive chair massage on a regular basis receive:

  • Lower levels of anxiety and sleep disturbances
  • Blood pressure improvement
  • Reduction of headaches and muscle or joint pains

Chair Massage

At ShapeMe we create personalized corporate wellness programs, tailored to the realities that want to grow starting from the psycho-physical well-being of their collaborators.

Do you want to bring the massage to your company?

By relying on ShapeMe you are sure to have:

  • Certified professionals who arrive directly in the company
  • Ergonomic chair brought by professionals
  • Simple booking thanks to a web calendar provided by ShapeMe

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