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Nutrition Online Courses

Learn the secrets to having a balanced diet and keeping your body in a state of health and well-being at all ages

Find out how to feel good with taste

Did you know that only 53% of the Italian population has a proper diet, even if 95% declare that health and well-being depend on what you eat? And that only in Italy there is a death from causes related to obesity every 10 minutes?

Bad eating habits are in fact one of the main causes of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, ischemic heart disease or cancer.

Having a balanced diet is the first step to reduce the risk of disease and live better: our health and well-being largely depend on our diet.

With the online course on nutrition created in collaboration with Dr. Matteo Boschini, dietician and researcher at the University of Bologna, you can learn the most important notions for having a healthy diet and improving your life and health.


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What are you going to learn?

Improve your diet

You will acquire good eating habits to be healthier and more productive.
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Learn the basics of nutrition

You will become more aware of the importance of nutrition and reduce the risk of serious illness.

Learn to plan your diet for each moment of the day

You will learn how to combine healthy eating with working life
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Watch the course wherever and whenever you want

You will be able to access the online course from any device, at any time, and review the videos as many times as you want

The course: food education within everyone’s reach

The course is dedicated to anyone who wants to understand the profound relationship between nutrition and health. The theme of nutrition is addressed in every aspect: from the nutritional elements to the functions they have in our organism, from allergies and intolerances to nutrition at work, from diets to sustainable nutrition. The primary objective is to train conscious consumers, providing them with the tools to make healthy nutritional choices, essential for having a complete and balanced diet.

How to log in?

The video course on nutrition is available on a dedicated platform, which can be accessed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! The nutrition course is completed by quizzes and evaluation tests. For companies, a reporting service is also available to measure the participation of their collaborators.

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How is the course structured?

The course is divided into 5 modules, in turn divided into mini-videos that make it easier to use.

There are evaluation tests at the end of the module to facilitate the memorization of the basic concepts addressed; practical tips and advice are also provided to start building your health starting from the table and improve your relationship with food right away.

The details of the nutrition course
Duration: about 4 hours
Modules: 5
Price: 79.00 €

Course contents

Module 1: Fundamentals

  1. Principles of human nutrition and nutrients
  2. Factors affecting body weight and the estimated daily calorie requirement
  3. The intestinal microbiota and probiotic foods
  4. Food buffaloes and myths about food

Module 2: Nutrition and daily routine

  1. Nutrition at work and meals outside the home
  2. Nutrition and stress
  3. Emotional eating: the link between food, mind and emotions
  4. Nutrition and sport

Module 3: Nutrition and Health

  1. Weight loss and fasting
  2. Food allergies and intolerances
  3. Nutrition and chronic diseases
  4. Gastrointestinal disorders

Module 4: Responsible consumption

  1. Food labeling and grocery shopping strategies
  2. Marketing strategies and conscious consumption
  3. Food, climate change and sustainable nutrition

Module 5: Rules for healthy eating

  1. The fundamental rules for a healthy diet

The trainer

Matteo Boschini

Dietitian and researcher at the University of Bologna, graduated in Food and Human Nutrition at the University of Milan.

After a work experience at the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO), he becomes head of the research project on the monitoring of food waste in school catering at the Department of Agri-food Sciences and Technologies of the University of Bologna.

Since 2017 he has also collaborated with ShapeMe, as an individual trainer and consultant for individuals and companies.

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