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Mindfulness Online

Find out how to live the present consciously and learn to manage emotions without activating the "automatic pilot"!

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice that allows you to live the present moment in a conscious and non-judgmental way.

What does it mean? We assume that on average we dedicate only 20% of our time to the present: by applying the principles of  you can strongly limit the episodes of brooding about the past or the future, which are the basis of anxiety, stress, anger, frustration and all. negative emotions that affect emotional well-being.

In private life as at work, practicing Mindfulness helps to defuse the “automatic pilot”, that is all those automatisms that start in a distracted way and that do not allow to direct

How does the counselling work?

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Turn off autopilot in you

Find out how to live the present with awareness, improving your attention span and concentration

Learn to manage emotions

Mindfulness Experts are available 7 days a week, so there’s no excuse – it’s time to learn how to manage all emotions!

Your customized path on Mindfulness

Thanks to the remote consulting packages you can choose when and where the meeting with the professional takes place.

You can count on psychologists and psychologists who follow you individually along the way, introducing you to the basic principles, explaining the practical exercises and preparing a personalized and detailed action plan based on the objectives.

Online consulting sessions take place on video-call, during the consulting process the professional is always available to respond to clarifications and advice via Whatsapp and email.

How does the online mindfulness consultation process take place?

Mindfulness consultations are available in 6 packages which differ in the number of sessions, overall duration of the course and presence or absence of the online course on Mindfulness. You can choose between courses of 3, 5 or 10 online sessions in versions with or without online course included.

The sessions last 60 minutes: the first session of all packages is dedicated to the medical history, that is, analysis of your situation and definition of the objectives to be achieved. The subsequent meetings will be for updating and evaluating the progress of the course, with any adjustments based on the responses of your body and mind.

At the end of each path you will have achieved different goals:

  • The BASIC and STANDARD packages (3 sessions) allow you to learn the basic principles and fundamentals;
  • The PRO and PLUS packages (5 sessions) have a longer duration over time and allow you to undertake a more continuous path;
  • The PREMIUM and PLATINUM packages (10 sessions) extend over a period of 12 months, and allow you to change your approach to life to face each new challenge with serenity and awareness.

The Mindfulness Online Course

Some packages include an online course divided into a theoretical part with an introduction to the world of Mindfulness and deepening of the basic principles, and a practical part with exercises.

The course is available on a dedicated platform that can be used on PCs, smartphones and tablets, and is ideal for learning the basics, learning the basic exercises and strengthening the most important concepts.

Our Team

By choosing a ShapeMe path you can be sure of being followed by certified professionals with experience in the field of Mindfulness.

Francesca Luisa Aru

Cognitive psychologist and Cognitive-Constructivist psychotherapist in training. He mainly deals with psychodiagnostic evaluation, anxiety disorders and mood disorders. She carries out private clinical activity in Cagliari where she collaborates with various associations in the area and, as a resident, with the Cagliari1 Mental Health Center. It also conducts training courses and school projects.

Davide De Rosa Saccone

Neuropsychologist and cognitive behavioral psychotherapist in training, he mainly deals with anxiety and mood disorders. He carries out his private activity in Riccione and Ravenna and collaborates with the Romagna AUSL within the project “Liberiamoci dalla Violenza”, a center for accompanying change for violent men, and in the introduction of “Primary Care Psychology” at the of the health of the territory.

Maria Marotta

Cognitive psychologist, constructivist cognitive psychotherapist in training. He mainly deals with psychodiagnostic evaluation, anxiety disorders, transcultural psychology and psycho-oncology. She carries out private clinical activity in Bologna and works as a resident at the Service of Psychological Aid from the University of Bologna.

Ludovica Peccenini

Neuropsychologist undergoing training as a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist. He mainly deals with psychodiagnostic assessment and anxiety and nutrition disorders. It also carries out private clinical activities and collaborates with the Outpatient Clinic for the Treatment of Eating Disorders of the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna.

Chiara Ripa

Cognitive psychologist and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist in training. He mainly deals with psychodiagnostic assessments and anxiety disorders at the Tages center in San Lazzaro di Savena, in the province of Bologna. He also collaborates with the Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences of the University of Bologna and is simultaneously tutor of the University Advanced Training Course “Evaluation and Treatment of Personality Disorders”

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