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Mental Wellbeing

4 online courses

Learn to manage your emotions with a complete path on mental well-being

The 4 video-courses


Learn to have greater awareness of yourself and of the present to better manage emotions and negatives

Sleep Management

Fight insomnia and other sleep disorders with tricks and strategies to improve the quality of your rest

Attention and learning

Enhance your learning, attention and memorization skills and improve your approach in everyday life and at work

Work-Life Balance

Learn to reconcile private life and work, making sure that the two aspects do not interfere, to enjoy your free time and improve work performance

The path

Thanks to this package you can have 4 courses in a single solution, saving € 127 on the total price.

Once you have purchased the mini-academy, you will have access to a dedicated platform accessible from PCs, tablets and smartphones, where you can view the contents where and when you want.

Each video course addresses a fundamental aspect of mental well-being through a theoretical introduction and a part with practical exercises to be carried out comfortably at home or, in some cases, even in the office.

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The contents of the 4 online courses


  1. Knowing Mindfulness
  2. Applied mindfulness
  3. Exercises

Sleep management

  1. Understanding sleep: physiology and characteristics of sleep and circadian rhythms
  2. Sleep disorders: how to recognize them and what to do to prevent and manage them
  3. Improving sleep: advice on correct habits for a good rest

Attention and learning

  1. Knowing attention, learning and memory
  2. Elements that influence attention, memory and learning
  3. Exercises – Skills to direct attention, memory and learning

Work-Life Balance

  1. Work-Life Balance: how to balance work and private life
  2. Create a custom plan
  3. Tips and Tricks

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