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Online Course How To Quit Smoking

Take your life back in hand and erase the vices that are harmful to your health forever!

Understanding smoking habits to fight it

“This is the last cigarette”: how many times have you already said or thought this phrase? For those with nicotine addiction, quitting smoking is difficult, but it is one of the most frequent purposes.

To be able to overcome an addiction it is important to have a lot of motivation, but also to understand its causes and how it works, to be one step ahead of the addiction itself and be able to stop it.

There are cases in which, in fact, determination and motivation are not enough: understanding addiction becomes essential for overcoming it, just as being ready to react in the event of relapses is one of the most important techniques for achieving the goal.

Thanks to this course it is possible to know and recognize your smoking habit and acquire the right tools to quit smoking.

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What wil you learn?

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Find out how addiction works

You will learn what addictions are and how they work, with an insight into nicotine addiction
massaggiatori certificati

Assess your addiction

You will learn to recognize tobacco addiction and to assess your degree of addiction

Learn practical strategies for overcoming addiction

You will acquire practical tools for quitting smoking
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Watch the course wherever and whenever you want

You can access the video course from any device, at any time, and review the videos as many times as you want

The course: how to quit smoking

The course is dedicated to anyone who wants to quit smoking.

The two trainers introduce the world of addictions, with a focus on nicotine.

The goal is to provide an overview of the mechanisms that trigger and regulate addictions, so as to learn the tactics to defend against any relapses or obstacles encountered on the path to overcoming. Added to this are exercises and practical tools for quitting smoking.

How to log in?

The course is available on a dedicated digital platform, which can be accessed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

A reporting service is also available for companies to measure the participation of their collaborators.


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How is the course structured?

The course is structured in 4 modules focused on the theme of tobacco addiction, on the mechanisms that trigger it, on the obstacles encountered in trying to stem it and on the path to take to be able to definitively eradicate it.

Each module is divided into mini-videos that make it more practical to use, supported by downloadable slides that contain the salient points and completed by guided exercises to stop smoking.

The details of the course on how to quit smoking
Duration: 2 and a half hours
Modules: 4
Price: 59.00 €

Contenuti del corso

Module 1: Tobacco addiction

  1. What are addictions
  2. What is nicotine
  3. Methods for quitting smoking

Module 2: Recognizing tobacco addiction

  1. Introduction
    Characteristics of tobacco addiction
  2. Nicotine Addiction
  3. Assessment Questionnaire
  4. Understanding smoking habits
  5. Beliefs about smoking
  6. Regulate emotions

Module 3: Changing Your Smoking Addiction

  1. Introduction
  2. The stages of change
  3. Relapses and slips
  4. The pros and cons of addiction

Modulo 4: Percorso per smettere di fumare

  1. Introduction
  2. Designing the change
  3. Coping with abstinence
  4. Tools to reduce smoking and manage relapses and slips
  5. Conclusions

The trainers

Chiara Ripa

Cognitive psychologist and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist in training. He mainly deals with psychodiagnostic assessments and anxiety disorders at the Tages center in San Lazzaro di Savena, in the province of Bologna. He also collaborates with the Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences of the University of Bologna and is at the same time tutor of the University Advanced Training Course “Evaluation and Treatment of Personality Disorders”

Ludovica Peccenini

Neuropsychologist undergoing training as a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist. He mainly deals with psychodiagnostic evaluation and with anxiety and eating disorders. It also carries out private clinical activity and collaborates with the Outpatient Clinic for the Treatment of Eating Disorders of the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna.

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