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Wellness at your home

Massages, osteopathy and physiotherapy

ShapeMe is an online  wellness booking platform: once the user chooses the treatment, a notification is sent to the available professionals based on the indications provided (type of service, date, time, location). The treatment is then assigned to the first operator who accepts the request that can be man or woman.
Through this mechanism we are able to satisfy 95% of user requests on the first attempt.
To book you must go to the, choose the processing, enter the requested data and proceed with the purchase. On the date and time indicated, a certified professional will reach the indicated place, equipped with everything necessary to carry out the treatment, including the sunbed.
The service is available 7 days a week, from 8 am to 11 pm and you can book your treatment with only 4 hours notice.
The professionals who are part of shapeme’s network are all certified, have insurance coverage, with previous experience, individually selected by the ShapeMe team.
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Online Consulting

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Psychologist, Sleep Management, Mindfulness

Within the ShapeMe offer you can choose from different types of online specialist advice:
  • Nutritionist
  • Sleep disorders
  • Mindfulness
  • Personal Trainer
  • Psychologist
Multiple 3-, 5- or 10-session packages are available for each area, some of which have a video course included.
Once we have purchased the package we will send a confirmation email with the link to a history questionnaire, which will serve the consultants to get an initial picture of the situation, so that the request can be taken over by the most serious professional on a specific topic.
The consultant himself will contact the person within 3 working days to make the first appointment online.
The first session will be devoted to the history and definition of the objectives to be achieved, after which a personalized program will be defined.
The following meetings will be dedicated to updating and possible adaptation of the route according to the trend.
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Online Courses

9 online courses on Physical Well-being, Mental Well-being or Financial Well-being

ShapeMe video courses are carried out in collaboration with specialists in different areas of well-being and combine a purely theoretical part with a more practical one, with exercises and evaluation tests.


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ShapeMe Wellness Club

ShapeMe Wellness Club is a Digital Club dedicated to wellness lovers, which guarantees access to live or pre-recorded lessons and courses on Mental Well-being, Nutrition and Training (Functional, Yoga, Pilates, Circuit).

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Packages for your treatements at home

Massages, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

In the package section you can buy in a single solution 3, 5 or 10 treatments saving up to 130€.
Once the purchase is complete we will send an email with a code that will be associated with a credit corresponding to the number of treatments purchased.
To book, simply enter the code in the appropriate field at the time of booking, without entering your credit card details on the payment page.
Within the personal area it will be possible to view the number of remaining treatments and copy the voucher code directly to proceed with the reservation.


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