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Work-Life Balance Online Courses

Learn to balance your personal well-being with your productivity

Can you manage your time?

What is the relationship between work and private life? About 43% of adults say they suffer from problems at work even in their free time. Similarly, personal problems can interfere with job performance. This means that for a large part of the adult population these two aspects of life are highly imbalanced, generating situations of dissatisfaction or stress.

With the concept of Work-life Balance we mean the ability to balance the personal and professional spheres, or to ensure that family, health and free time do not overwhelm career and ambition, or that the opposite happens.

It seems easy but it is not: the very idea of ​​Work-life Balance calls into question issues such as the ability to define priorities and objectives in an objective way or the ability to set deadlines and respect them, things that require great determination and a great willpower to be applied.

With the online course on work-life balance it is possible to learn how to reconcile the two moments of life in order to feel satisfied in managing your time outside and inside the home.

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What will you learn?

massaggi professionali a domicilio e in studio

Discover methods and strategies for finding a balance

You will learn to manage work and private life in a balanced way

Learn to set goals and priorities

You will become more aware of your priorities

Improve your time management

You will learn to organize your time
prenotazione massaggio decontratturante online

Guarda il corso dove e quando vuoi

Potrai accedere al video-corso da qualsiasi dispositivo, in qualsiasi momento, e rivedere i video tutte le volte che vuoi

The course: living your time to the fullest

The course is carried out in collaboration with a clinical psychologist and has two main objectives: to help people recognize a possible imbalance towards one of the two spheres (private or professional); give practical indications and advice to create a personalized action plan and learn how to manage family, free time and work, and overcome the most common obstacles encountered in organizing one’s time.

How to log in?

The Work-Life Balance course is available on a dedicated digital platform, which can be accessed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. A reporting service is also available for companies to measure the participation of their employees.


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How is the course structured?

The course is divided into 3 modules that analyze the concept of Work-Life Balance in all its aspects. To make it easier to use, each module is in turn divided into shorter videos, each of which is supported by downloadable slides that contain the highlights.

The details of the course on Work-life Balance
Duration: about 1 hour and a half
Modules: 3
Price: 59.00 €

The training course is aimed at anyone who feels the need to stop reorganizing their life and giving the right space to every aspect that composes it, to avoid losing important moments or experiencing constant stress.

the contents

Module 1: How to balance work and private life

  1. What is the Work-Life Balance
  2. Types of Stress and
  3. Work-Life Balance Goals
  4. Work-Life Balance Prerequisites
  5. Needs, Goals and
  6. Means to reach them
  7. Identify activities carried out habitually
    Plan for changeIdentify activities carried out habitually
    Plan for changeObstacles to Work-Life Balance

Module 2: Creating a custom plan

  1. Identify activities carried out habitually
  2. Plan for change

Module 3: Tips & Tricks

  1. Tips & Tricks for a positive Work-Life Balance

The Trainer

Cecilia Trevisani

Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Psychotraumatologist, specialized in individual, couple and group interventions for adults and adolescents.

The main areas of intervention are problems related to trauma, stressful events and emotional regulation, Anxiety and Mood Disorders and behavioral addictions.

She is also Director of the Tages Onlus Clinical Center in Bologna. as well as collaborating as a teacher with the University of Bologna.

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