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Physiotherapy is a sector of medicine that deals with the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of skeletal, musculoskeletal, neurological and visceral diseases and dysfunctions. It reduces pain and improves mobility with the objective of promoting the patient’s health and well-being.

Prevents Injuries

Increases muscle strength, joint mobility and coordination capacity, reducing the risk of injuries.

Rehabilitation after Physical Trauma

Aims to achieve a personal and functional re-education to recover both muscle tone and mobility.

Improves Posture

Thanks to relaxation techniques, postural alignment of the practice of corrective gymnastics.

The Price of the Home Fisiotherapy

Thanks to ShapeMe, you can save both time and money. The massages are conducted at your domicile, meaning that you do not waste time to meet a massage therapist. This also cuts back costs and eliminates the stress of transportation. The only thing you have to do is book your wellness appointment and wait for our professionals to arrive.

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Fisioterapia a Monza e Brianza

MICHELE A. 11/05/2019


Fisioterapia a Bologna

Daniela P. 02/10/2019

Chiara fisioterapista gentilissima, educata, molto preparata per il mio problema specifico sono molto contenta

Suffer from Scoliosis?

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Scoliosis is a disease that develops during adolescence and manifests itself as a result of incorrect posture during the day. Although it is painless and does not have any particular symptoms, it can lead to a rib hump (usually called hump). This problem can be fixed with a sessions/percoso of postural physiotherapy that aims at strengthening and increase elasticity of the muscle groups. It is possible thanks to the execution of postural gymnastics exercises.

Suffer from Lumbar Backache?

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Lumbar backache or back pain is a pathology that affects everyone, from the young to the old, and is considered the number one reason of absence from work. It has a variable duration and can be classified in two ways: acute (less than 4 weeks) and chronic (more than 3 months). A type of acute lumbar backache is popularly known as “the witch’s blow” in Italian or “throw your back out” in English. Calling a physiotherapist can be an excellent remedy for both reducing back pain and preventing the relapse or another type of lumbar backache. There is no question that a physiotherapy session will improve and restore lost joint movements.

Elbow Pain?

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Tennis elbow, scientifically known as epicondylitis, is a condition causes by the prolonged use and/or overload of the forearm, resulting in pain when it is extended. It is a very debilitating condition for an athlete, who cannot exercises, but also for workers and housewives who become unable to carry out their daily activities. The physiotherapist has the job to implement strategies to improve the condition and prevent any relapse, and moreover, minimize the factors that can continue to inflammate the epicondyle.


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Torticollis is a very widespread and common problem that causes pain and blocks the movement of the neck. It is not a serious condition, but varies in its duration, from one day to a couple of weeks, and can make living very difficult. If you are interested in healing a particularly serious episode of torticollis or prevent it from happening again, a physiotherapist can help: a targeted and quality physiotherapy massage can bring immediate benefits without the aid of any tools.

Distortion or Injury?

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There are many ways and forms in which a distortion happens, however, the damage is always the same: an excessive strain that lead to the rupture of joint ligaments. The most frequently affected areas are: ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers. A person of any age can deal with a distortion. As soon as the swelling goes down, you must start articulating the injured as soon as possible to be able to restore it to its functionality: this is the where a professional physiotherapist plays a lead role. It’s highly beneficial to meet with a professional physiotherapist to begin your personal rehabilitation program and massage the affected area.

Carpal Tunnel Symptom?

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Carpal Tunnel is the most common nerve disorder of the human body and has been observed affect women three times as much as men. This occurs following a prolonged and/or repetitive movement of the pulse and fingers that cause an inflammation of the flexor tendons which results in pain and the numbness of the entire hand. Physiotherapy can be of great help to someone who suffers from this disease and does not want to have surgical intervention. There are many techniques that can rehabilitate the mobility of the fingers and recover the thumb muscles.

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