Home Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a manual and holistic therapy that uses the manipulation of the body to restore equilibrium and trigger the process of self-healing. It is efficient for people of all ages, in terms of both prevention and healing and can treat a great variety of problems.

Corrects Poor Posture

Using special manipulation, it rebalances the body and improves the posture.

Triggers Self-Healing

Improves circulation and re-establishes the functional and structure integrity of the body.

Restores Mobility

Eliminates muscular and articular tensions and increases mobility and energy.

The Price of In-Home Osteopathy

Thanks to ShapeMe, you can save both time and money. The massages are conducted at your domicile, meaning that you do not waste time to meet a massage therapist. This also cuts back costs and eliminates the stress of transportation. The only thing you have to do is book your wellness appointment and wait for our professionals to arrive.

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What our customers say:

Osteopatia a Roma

Cristian F. 23/03/2019

L’osteopata Simone é molto professionale. Lo consiglio.

Osteopatia a Roma

Lara M. 11/05/2019

Operatore professionale e puntuale

Osteopatia a Torino

Monia O. 27/07/2019

L'osteopata che mi ha seguita possiede un altissimo livello della conoscenza della materia, molto preparato e ha seguito il mio caso attentamente, grazie alla sua terapia e alle sue manipolazioni sono riuscita a riprendere i movimenti che non riuscivo a fare da mesi a seguito dell'intervento subito. Consiglio vivamente. Grazie Luca

Acid Reflux or Stomach Problems?

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The stomach is a bowel positioned underneath the diaphragm in the left part of our body. It’s malfunction could generate muscle and skeletal tension that give a sensation of blockage, burning and heaviness. The medical manipulation of the gastric area could assist the recovery of the stomach motility and its functionality, reducing gastritis and reflux. According to the osteopathic philosophy, it might be necessary to manipulate areas of the body not directly connected to the specific location of the problem.

Constant Colds?

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Consecutive colds can slowly become chronic sinusitis that causes pain on the forehead. Specifically, it creates a inflammatory process that triggers the increase of mucus production, creating favoring conditions for the multiplication of virus and bacteria. To combat this pathology without resorting to drug therapy, you can explore the osteopathology path, which activates blood circulation and bone structure of the head and neck, putting a definitive end to the problem.

Feeling Off-Balanced? Low Immune System?

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Our bodies are constantly adapting to the stresses caused by our external environment that create physical and mental fatigue. Leading a frantic life, moving constantly in not always favorable conditions, you can risk weakening the musculoskeletal and all other systems, throwing your body off-balance. Once sure that there is no necessary surgical intervention, it is possible to resort to the osteopathic treatment to restore your well-being. Thanks to osteopathy, it is possible to identify the diseases and intervene; and through manual techniques, allow the body to regain equilibrium and health.

Back Problems?

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Pain in the vertebral column is a common and frequent condition, in fact, it is estimated that 4 out of 5 people suffer from this during their lifetime. Most people believe that back pain is a result of physical trauma. In reality, there are many illnesses which include back pain as one their symptoms: abdominal pain, arthritis, tumors, dermatological problems. Osteopathic treatment is often a more efficient method of intervention for these type of problems since it targets the vertical column, relieving those in pain.

Neck Pains?

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The cervical is an anatomical region, composed between the head and the back, and can be subject to various problems and pains. Neck pains can significantly worsen quality of life, and those who suffer from it associate it to conditions such as nausea, headaches and vertigo. Most of the time, neck pains heal after 6-12 weeks. However, osteopathic treatment can reduce healing time, reassuring the subject and re-educating them through suggestments of ergonomic movements. The manipulations used by otheopathatists are gentle, painless and always different from the previous session.

Anxiety and Stress Attacks?

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Stress is a phenomenon that manifests itself as a psycho-physical tension that tends to compromise productivity and well-being. It presents various symptoms and can damage our bodies physically (with exhaustion, headache, sleeping disorders, nausea, loss of immunity), and also affects the psychic/behavioral sphere, which can cause anxiety and symptoms of depression; which can lead to drug abuse and bad nutritious habits. A number of studies show that osteopathic treatment help reduce cortisol levels in the blood (also known as the stress hormone) and helps reactivate the vital forces in the human body, including its inherent self-healing abilities, restoring health and harmony.

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