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Wellness in the office

Customized corporate wellness programs for companies that want to grow from collaborators

Corporate well-being for happy, healthy and productive people

Did you know that for every euro invested in Corporate Welfare activities, a company has a return of 3€ in the form of increased productivity and savings? The reason is simple: a happy and healthy worker is more motivated, and a motivated worker produces more and better. Corporate wellness programs have been shown to improve the business climate, helping colleagues collaborate and contributing to a adnval increase in productivity of up to 55% At ShapeMe we design customized corporate wellness programs, combining physical, mental and financial well-being services and starting from the goals that each company intends to achieve.

Tailor-made projects

Each company is a world in its own right, with different collaborators and needs: each of our corporate wellness projects is born and developed from this assumption.

Certified therapists

All activities are designed and carried out in collaboration with specialists in different thematic areas, with experience in both company training and individual consulting.

Support for the company

Online calendar for booking activities, customer service support, reporting and multimedia materials

Projects made for you

Our goal is to bring psychophysical well-being within small and large companies, with activities that put the person and not the worker at the center of the company

.Corporate wellness programs are designed from 2 macro-areas:

  • Educational (Training, Workshop, Individual Consulting, ShapeMe Wellness Club)
  • Office Massage (Chair Massage Service directly in the company).

The thematic areas can be summarized in 3 broad categories:

  • Physical well-being (training, food education, office massage, posturology)
  • Mental well-being (psychology, mindfulness, work-life balance, strengthening of attention and learning processes)
  • Financial well-being

To this is added our support in activities with:

  • Appointments management software
  • Reports on the participation of collaborators in the various activities
  • Graphic and multimedia materials to promote activities internally.

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